Floor ball rules

floor ball rules

The new edition of the IFF Rules of the Game (Edition ) is in force from today 1st of International Floorball Federation, Rules and Competition Committee. Rules of the Game Edition The work with the Edition of the IFF Rules of the Game has started and a working group shall be f —. Learn about the basic gameplay in floorball as well as important rules that players must follow. Kicking an opponents stickin order to win a considerable advantage or with no possibility to reach the ball. Matches are played in three twenty-minute periods. In den Anfangsjahren spielten Teams aus Slowenien und Italien in der österreichischen Liga mit. Das erste Länderspiel einer Liechtensteiner Auswahl fand am The signal of a time out should be a triple sound.


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Proposals shall come from RACC. Sie kann ausgewechselt werden durch eine Schaufel des gleichen Herstellers, muss aber fest am Schaft sitzen und darf sich nicht bewegen. At a goal situation commit an offence with the purpose of preventing a goal , no matter where on the court the offence is being committed. This implies behaving in an insulting or unfair way towards referees , players , team staff , officials or spectators, to intentionally move the goal , to kick or with the stick hit the board or the goal , or to throw the stick or other equipment during an interruption or in the substitution zone. The handling of important exceptions The IFF shall always have the possibility to make necessary changes of interpretations. IFF system of changing the Rules of the Game 1. Es stammt über Bandy vom Hockey ab, aus dem ebenso das Rollhockey und das Eishockey hervorgegangen sind.

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A player , in control of the ball or trying to reach it, performs violent or dangerous strikes with his or her stick , including raising one's stick over an opponent's head and the opponent is hit. Throwing one's stick or other equipment in order to hit the ball. Diese fand im slowakischen Bratislava statt. Neben dem Spielfeld befinden sich zwei Strafbänke, ein Spielersekretariat und zwei Spielerbänke. Australia Brazil Canada China India Indonesia Iran Japan Malaysia Pakistan Philippines Singapore South Korea Thailand United States. Dangerous play, including uncontrolled forward or backward swing, or raising one's stick above an opponent's head if this is considered dangerous or disturbing for the opponent. Sticks must stay below waist level when shooting with a similar follow through allowed.

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